Not yet iced tea

It's looking like my iced tea posts are going to get pushed further and further into the future. Oh well. No big deal. It's my blog after all, and my space. So where was I?

I was talking about the taste of powdered chocolate drinks. Now back then, in the area of powdered chocolate, there were only two real contenders, one was Milo and the other was Ovaltine. And I rather preferred Milo. I can still sort of remember how they taste now. Milo had the whole Olympic thing going for it, something about Olympic energy. And the taste was pretty sweet. Maybe a bit too sweet, but hey, my sweet tooth was satisfied and didn't think Milo was going overboard, so I was alright.

In a pinch, I might go for Ovaltine as well, depending on the availability of Milo, but Ovaltine really wasn't as sweet, so it was only my second choice.

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