More on hot chocolate

It's looking like I'll be talking about iced tea a little bit later. I was saying that the hot chocolate syrup options just were inconvenient, especially for a kid who had trouble reaching things, and maybe didn't have the manual dexterity that adults have.

Compared to the syrup product, the powdered drink options were just so much easier. I mean how much easier can it get? The product packaging basically tells you that you need two teaspoons, or maybe one tablespoon or something like that. You grab the utensil mentioned. You scoop the required number of teaspoonfuls or spoonfuls into the glass or mug. You put in the water and you stir. Ideally, you use hot water, so it's easier to mix everything up. But hey, if all you've got is cold water, that'll work too. It'll just require a bit more stirring.

So for a kid, powdered chocolate drinks were great. And they didn't taste all that bad either.

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