Not milk at all

So I drink a lot of iced tea now, but I hardly if ever drink milk. And my not drinking milk has been fairly constant, going back to the days when I was much younger.

I think I tried most types of milk. Full cream milk from a carton. Full cream milk from a glass bottle. Powdered milk. Condensed milk (not very much fun at all). Even those flavored milk products which come in bottles (there was a chocolate one, and I seem to remember some sort of melon milk).

The problem of course was that milk is a pretty good source of calcium, so I was missing out on that. I think I made up a little of that deficiency though with cheese. I loved cheese as a kid. I would eat those thinly sliced squares of cheese. I'd head over the the refrigerator, grab one, peel of the plastic wrapping and eat it. Good stuff.