More on Milo and Ovaltine

Strangely enough, I find that I'm talking more and more about chocolate drinks, and hardly about iced tea. Maybe I shouldn't have called this an iced tea blog. Lol.

So I didn't like Ovaltine as much because it just wasn't anywhere as sweet as Milo. Even if I added more sugar to the mix, it just didn't quite capture my taste. Not that Ovaltine didn't taste good, because it did, but it just felt a little bit flat, at least compared to Milo.

The thing Ovaltine had going for it though were those candies. What were they called again? Was it Ovaltinees? Or something like that. Anyway, I think I first saw them because a friend of mine was eating them. I gave them a try and thought they were delicious. It was weird that the candy really got to me, but the Ovaltine drink still left something to be desired. I think they came in a red pack, and they were sort of circular, a bit like tablets really. Rather crunchy, quite good stuff.

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