Chocolate, not iced tea

So I started talking about iced tea in the last post, but I got somewhat derailed. Mostly because I thought I'd talk about some of the other drinks I enjoyed when I was younger (iced tea is my current favorite).

So I got to talking about hot chocolate. And I said that my favorite was the powdered chocolate drink. Why was that? I think that maybe, after trying the chocolate syrup concentrate, I realized that the darn thing was just too sweet for me. Apparently, my sweet tooth could only go so far. I mean, you take the concentrate and you put it in milk, and mix the thing. I think it felt too thick and again, it was just too sweet.

Also, it wasn't very convenient for me. I mean, how was I, a kid, to know that I'd put enough syrup? The idea of using a spoon or a cup of some sort to measure just how much syrup I used just seemed like too much work for not enough gain.

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