Iced Tea

There's just something about iced tea that I like. It didn't always used to be this way. Back when I was younger, I used to enjoy drinking hot chocolate.

Whenever I woke up, and I was getting ready to have breakfast, I'd look forward to that glass or mug of hot chocolate sitting beside my plate. Maybe it was because I was young. Maybe it was because I had a thing for sweet drinks (and food). Maybe it was because of the chemical composition of chocolate, or because of how it felt good to have something warm in my stomach, especially when the mornings were very, very cold.

Whatever the reason, the earliest drink I can remember which I liked was hot chocolate. It might have milk in it, or maybe not. It didn't really matter, I think. And it might have been a powdered drink, or maybe a form of syrup concentrate. Actually, scratch that. I did prefer the powered drink form of hot chocolate.

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